Appreciating Others In Our Lives

Bravo Bear Stops the Bully - When Penny moves to town, she finds it hard to make new friends. All it takes is a picnic and a kite flying contest for Bravo Bear and Rascal to really appreciate this new bear in town.

Bravo Bear Goes to the Airport - When Cousin Jackie comes  to town for a visit, Bravo Bear feels a little shy and funny about meeting her—especially because of the way she dresses. Will Bravo Bear learn to appreciate Cousin Jackie for who she is instead of how she looks?

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Setting, Persevering And Achieving Goals

Bravo Bear and the Search for Treasure - Bravo Bear’s search for treasure takes him inside a spooky cave with his grandparents. Will Bravo Bear give in to his fear or keep going to achieve his goal of finding the treasure?

Bravo Bear Goes to the Movies - When Bravo Bear and Penny can’t find a ride to the movies, it takes a lot of investigating and hard work to find another way to get there. Is it worth all the effort?  For a great movie and free popcorn—absolutely!

Planning and Thinking Ahead

Bravo Bear and the Yellow Flipper Roller Coaster - When Bravo Bear, Penny and Rascal, visit the Big Top Amusement Park, they have to do some quick planning and thinking ahead so that they don’t miss the bus ride home.

Bravo Bear Goes to the Monster Truck Parade - Bravo Bear learns a lesson in thinking ahead when he almost misses out on the Monster Truck Parade  because of bad planning and not getting his homework done!

Seeking Knowledge And Finding Answers

Bravo Bear and the Drive-Through Safari - Bravo Bear visits a safari park where he discovers he has lots of questions about the animals who live there. Determined to find some answers, Bravo Bear asks Trainer Ray for help.

Bravo Bear and the Talent Show - When Bravo Bear, Penny, and Rascal decide to try out for the school talent show, they come up against the scary Drama teacher, Mrs. Tucker. Will they be brave and get some answers or miss out on all the fun?

Having The Courage To Trying New Things

Bravo Bear Rides the Waterslide - Bravo Bear and Penny love the big new waterslide at the pool, but can they figure out a way to get Rascal to find the courage to try it!

Bravo Bear Goes to the Math Tutor - Bravo Bear doesn’t want lessons from his new math tutor, Ms. Flo, until he decides to give her a   chance. Then he learns that trying new things can be really  “sweet!”

Thinking Positively And Seeing The Bright Side

Bravo Bear Skis Gold Mountain -  When Bravo Bear, Penny, and Rascal get stuck on a ski lift at Gold Mountain, thinking positively really   pays off for the three friends!

Bravo Bear and the Basketball Team - It takes a lot of positive thinking for Bravo Bear and the Coach  to turn the basketball team around—especially when they lose one of their best players! Will their  hard work and positive attitude pay off? Bravo Bear certainly hopes so!

Believing In Yourself And Having A Winning Attitude

Bravo Bear Joins the Tennis Team - Will Bravo Bear make the tennis team? Not until he has a match  with a better player, listens to his coach, and turns a losing attitude into a winning one!

Bravo Bear and the Brass Bell - When Travis makes fun of Bravo Bear in class and won’t listen to the  teacher, Bravo Bear decides to help him turn his bully attitude into a winning one!