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The Bravo Bear Series Consists of 14 Wonderful Books

Themed On 7 Key Values With 2 Stories Per Value

Stopping Bullying and Appreciating Others In Our Lives

Seeking Knowledge And Finding Answers

Planning And Thinking Ahead

Setting, Persevering And Achieving Goals

Having The Courage To Try New Things

Thinking Positively And Seeing The Bright Side

Believing In Yourself And Having Winning Attitude


Every child needs strong positive influences to reach their full potential. What happens during the early years is of critical importance for every child's development. It is the greatest period of opportunity to be instilled with positive self beliefs and successful behaviors.

Early years of childhood form the basis of intelligence, personality, social behavior, and capacity to learn and nurture oneself as an adult. There is significant evidence that links the beliefs formed in early years to self esteem, happiness and success during adulthood. 

Brain development is most rapid in the early years of life. When the quality of positive influences, support and nurturance is deficient, successful child development is seriously affected.

​Children who receive positive influences in their early years are more confident, positive and achieve more success at school. As adults they have better educations, higher employment and earnings, and better health than those who don't have these early opportunities.

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* Children develop the majority of their lifelong behavior patterns and beliefs about themselves before they reach the age of seven years.

* These early years of learning are a parent's narrow window of opportunity to have the GREATEST impact on their child's future! ​​

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The Bravo Bear children's book series, available in English and Spanish, is a fun and exciting tool developed to motivate children to overcome obstacles, have a positive outlook on life, set goals and always have the desire to be their best. 

The series is further designed to build strong reading skills and an enjoyment of reading in a fun and easy way. The natural enjoyment of reading will open the doors of learning, opportunity and success for any child.​